Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Berry Nutritious

Berry nutritious...
What if there was one product that could change your life?
For those looking for a healthy, natural alternative to the crash and burn of all those saccharide-laden energy drinks, the MonaVie blend has arrived. The juice’s crown jewel is the Brazilian acai berry, a fruit long revered by the people of the Amazon as a source of health and vitality and for its use in the treatment of various ailments. And because of its superior nutrient content and antioxidant levels, the acai berry is now regarded as a super-food. MonaVie brand products are a delicious and energizing blend of the acai as well as 18 other nutrient-dense fruits. Designed for easy absorption in the body, just 2-4 ounces per day provides all you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

MonaVie on the Rachel Ray Show....check out the link

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  1. I will surely try it out ........

  2. I heard a lot about acai berries. Will definitely look out for it. =)